Bulk Supply


We are one of the leading supplier of Portacryo in the market been servicing few of the top MNC companies over the years consistently.

Product Quantity Max. Working Pressure
LOX 768 cu.m. 19 kg/cm2
LIN 621 cu.m. 19 kg/cm2
LAR 753 cu.m. 19 kg/cm2
Gross Volume : 972 Ltrs & Net Capacity : 924 Ltrs.
Empty Weight : Approx. 950 kgs
Tank Dimension (LxWxH) : 1600 x 1295 x 2185 mm

Benefits of PORTACRYO:-

  • Ensure high purity since Liquid is converted into gas. The consumer has the option of using both Liquid and gas as per his requirement

  • Equivalent to storage of 110 cylinders of oxygen and argon and approx. 85 cylinders of nitrogen. So less storage area and less manpower required.

  • No need of high pressure regulators to reduce cylinder pressure.

  • Delivery of Gas at constant pressure.