Retail Supply


Our factory unit Sinnar contains around 10000 cylinders of various gases and sizes, servicing almost all retail and corporate client in and around the networks.

Dura / Mini Bulk Cylinders

Dura Cylinders low pressure liquid cylinders provide the longest holding time, lowest evaporation rate, highest gas-withdrawal rate and best life-cycle cost. We are one of the foremost players to introduce Dura or Mini Bulk cylinders in and around Sinnar & Nashik markets, we have altogether around 55 Dura cylinders to service customer in a real time basis.

Product Quantity Max. Working Pressure
LOX 151 cu.m. 24 kg/cm2
LIN 119 cu.m. 24 kg/cm2
LAR 145 cu.m. 24 kg/cm2
Gross Volume : 209 Liters & Net Capacity : 196 Liters
Empty Weight : Approx. 320 kgs
Liquid Cylinder Size : 20 Inch Diameter & 65.8 Inch Height

Benefits of DURA CYLINDER:-

  • Ensure high purity since Liquid is converted into gas. The consumer has the option of using both Liquid and gas as per his requirement.

  • Equivalent to storage of 21 cylinders of oxygen and argon and approx. 16 cylinders of nitrogen. So less storage area and less manpower required and enables better handling of product.

  • No need of high pressure regulators to reduce cylinder pressure.

  • Delivery of Gas at constant pressure.